- Operation Desert Shield/Storm baby support group forming:

John "Jordan" Schreck, a 3-month-old Salt Lake baby, is being raised by his grandparents, John and Judy Clarke, since his parents are involved in the Persian Gulf war.When John was born, his father was already serving in Saudi Arabia. His father returned to Salt Lake City on Dec. 18 but, since he is likely to be leaving again soon, the grandparents are raising the baby. His mother, left Utah to serve in the gulf on Jan. 10.

"I'm sure there must be other babies living with grandparents in the city," Judy Clarke said. "These children are the ones who suffer the loss of the bond they cannot form with their parents. As grandparents, we are trying to fill this void."

Clarke is interested in forming a local support group for others who have similar situations raising their grandchildren. Call her at 943-9307 for more information.

- Exchange students need homes:

Host families are being sought for 25 high school students from France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and other foreign countries for the upcoming school year, in a program sponsored by the American International Youth Student Exchange Program (AIYSEP).

The students, age 15 through 18, will arrive in late August, attend local high schools and return to their home country in June next year.

The students, all fluent in English, have been screened by school representatives in their home countries and will have spending money and medical insurance. Host families may deduct $50 per month for income tax purposes.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact the AIYSEP International Headquarters: Office of the Director, 200 Round Hill Road, Tiburon, CA 94920; (415) 499-7669 or 1 (800) 347-7575.

- `Hearts in Harmony' dinner concert:

The Hillcrest High Choir Vocal Ensemble and Amour Chante Ensemble will perform the second annual "Hearts in Harmony" dinner concert in the Hillcrest High School cafeteria promptly at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14. The dinner will be prepared and served by Joe Morley's Bar-B-Q Restaurant.

Under the direction of Brian Bentley, the choirs will present a vocal music program including a wide assortment of vocal quartets. The 1990 dinner concert was a great success and received tremendous accord from school officials, parents and other members of the audience. This year's concert promises to continue the choirs' tradition of excellence and provide an evening of enjoyment for the entire audience.

Tickets for the dinner and concert are not on sale: for single tickets, $10; couple, $18; family, $8 per family member. All proceeds from this fund-raising event will benefit the general choir fund and be used for out-of-state competition tours and other special competition events. To obtain tickets for "Hearts in Harmony," contact any choir member or leave a message at the Hillcrest Main Office, 565-7566, and a choir member will assist in obtaining tickets.

- `The Odd Couple':

On Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 16, 19 and 20, at 8 p.m., the Hillcrest Drama Department will present the 1991 annual school play, "The Odd Couple," in the Hillcrest Little Theatre. Tickets will be $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for students. The cast includes Deric Nance, Tom VanWagoner, Rich Thrasher, Nathan Jensen, Jeremy Bodily, Chris Glade, Stephanie Anderson and Stephanie Fuhriman. The play is directed by Pouwel Vuyk, drama adviser, and Nicole Goodwin, student director.