New bills filedSB131 (Hillyard) - Allows more leeway in sentencing child sex offenders.

SB132 (Richards) - Places a $1 fee on all vehicle title registrations for a special vehicle consumer protection fund.

SB133 (Richards) - Reduces the number of days a car dealer can take before turning in title information.

SB134 (Finlinson) - Deregulates the distribution of compressed natural gas for use in a motor home.

SB135 (Black) - Requires disclosure of contractor liens at the time of certificate of occupancy.

SB136 (Barlow) - Requires that educator evaluations be consistently applied.

SB137 (Leavitt) - Allows the establishment of special fire districts for fire prevention.

SB138 (Mantes) - Requires car dealers to notify buyers of financing obligations.

SB139 (Holmgren) - Gives immunity from civil liability to providers of 911 service.

SB140 (Chuck Peterson) - Removes the requirement that a motor vehicle administrator and all investigators be certified police officers.

SB141 (McMullin) - Provides $4 million to reduce first-grade class sizes.