Gov. Norm Bangerter said Friday he is not ready to start worrying about how much money the state collected in taxes during the last quarter of 1990, even though there is some talk among lawmakers it may be less than expected.

"It would not be totally surprising to me if the numbers did soften some," the governor said during his weekly press conference. "We have some concern but the numbers are going to be what the numbers are going to be."Bangerter said he expects to have an idea of how close actual tax collections are to budget projections within 10 days. A final tally of tax receipts will be finished the week before the legislative session ends.

If the numbers fall short of what lawmakers anticipated when they approved the current fiscal-year budget last year, that could create problems for them this year.

A shortfall in tax revenues means there would be less surplus money to spend on one-time projects. And a shortfall could also mean the projections used to prepare the governor's proposed budget are too optimistic.

The governor said he used "moderate" estimates in his budget. But he acknowledged that what appeared to be a moderate projection several months ago could now be overly optimistic given the nation's deepening economic woes.Senate confirms 2