Weather in Salt Lake City January 1991


For month (Jan.27) 47 degrees

Average this month 33.8 degrees

30-Yr. average 37.4 degrees

Record (Jan. 26, 1982) 62 degrees


For month (Jan. 2) -4 degrees

Average this month 14.9 degrees

30-Yr. average 19.7 degrees

Record (Jan. 25, 1949) -22 degrees


Total 10.9 "

30-Yr. Average 13.7"

Record (1937) 32.3"


Total for Month 1.11"

30-Yr. average 1.35"

Most in 24 hrs. (14,15) 0.67"

Record (1940) 3.14"

Records set at Salt Lake weather station= None

Utah weather in the news:

Jan 2: Patchy areas of dense fog in Salt Lake Valley produced a tragic chain-reaction accident, involving about 52 vehicles, in the I-215 and Redwood Road area of North Salt Lake, four people killed, several injured.

Jan. 3-5: Heavy snow in Southern Utah, especially the Southeast portion with 16 inches at Blanding; 7-10 inches, Long Valley Junction; 8 inches, Moab; 10 inches, Monticello.

Jan. 7-8: Storm "exploded" over Northern Utah, with 12 inches on Ogden Bench; 8 inches, Hill Air Force Base; 9 inches, Farmington; and 10 inches, Alta and Snow Basin.

Jan. 12-16: Majopr winter storm in north brought potpourri of weather, from freezing rain, rain, sleet, very wet snow, to drier snow, high-density snow triggered avalanches - one in Big Cottonwood Canyon, about 25-30 feet deep and 150 feet wide, hit a car and caused minor injuries to four people. Alta got 57 inches of snow containing 6 inches of water; Snowbird, 45 inches of snow with 5.27 inches of water; Brighton, 40 inches with 2.40 inches moisture.

Source: Salt Lake office, National Weather Service.\