Once traffic signals on Brigham City's Main Street begin operation Wednesday, pedestrians will have to learn some new habits.

The new signals are equipped with button-activated pedestrian crossing lights. The walk/wait signals will not function unless pedestrians wishing to cross the street press the button to activate the crossing lights.Under normal traffic conditions, the signal is timed for traffic using the intersection. However, when the pedestrian button is pressed, the traffic signal will allow a longer period before changing to permit pedestrians adequate time to safely cross the street.

"If used properly, the new signals are a real convenience for pedestrians," said Dyke LeFevre, UDOT District 1 director. "The problem we sometimes have is people not activating the light and then getting caught in the roadway when the signal changes."

LeFevre said the new signals are designed to minimize the time motorists must stop at an intersection unless pedestrians are present.

The signals with the pedestrian-crossing function are on Main Street at 700 South, 200 South, 100 South, Forest Street and 100 North.