"You know, I've got a wife now and a 6-month-old son," said hockey player Steve Guenette. He was trying to explain to some Salt Lake junior high students that his values have changed. He thinks about more than just sports, now, he said. He figures he'll be 35 when his hockey days are through.

"And when I'm 35, I'll have a 10-year-old son."So he'll need to have a second career, Guenette said. He plans on becoming a chef. He looked out into the auditorium and watched the students wiggle. "Now maybe that's not too noble a goal. . . ."When Golden Eagles Steve Guenette and Richard Zenlak visited Glendale Junior High School, they wanted to capture the attention of the sports-loving youngsters and drop a few suggestions about the value of education and long-term career goals.

After showing a video full of ice action and funny falls, the two men draped their uniforms over a couple of students and talked about what it takes to be a successful athlete.

"The bottom line is education," said Zenlak. "If you have a chance to go to college, take it."

Currently, Zenlak sells real estate in Minnesota during the off season. When he's too old to play hockey, he'll sell real estate full time, he said.

After the assembly, several boys talked about their own career goals. "They should play longer," said Johnny Chavez. He could see no sense in the Eagles' retirement talk. Chavez plans to play baseball or basketball "or maybe tennis," and when he's too old, he said, he'll just get another job.

He never thinks now about what he'll be doing when he's 50, he said. "I'll probably be dead by then."

J.D. Stevens wants to box. "I've been boxing for three years now," he said.

Is boxing a lifetime career? It can be, said Stevens. "George Foreman is 44." But like Zenlak, he plans to have another career in the wings. "I'll also be a computer programmer," he said.

Ray Pacheco wants to be a sports star, too. "I'll play baseball, no, football," he said. "Slam some people."

And after his sports career is over? He shrugged. What will he do then? "Find girls?" he suggested.