Two public meetings top the agenda of Orem's City Council meeting Tuesday night, Feb. 5.

The first, at 6:30 p.m., will be a discussion on a proposed change in the Orem City Code to allow trailers and containers for recyclable materials in all zones.At 7 p.m., the second public hearing will address two zoning changes. One would allow property near 1200 W. Center St. to be rezoned for highway services. The other would allow property at 570 N. 100 West to be rezoned from residential to community shopping.

In other business the council will decide whether to agree to an amendment in Orem's agreement with Vineyard to allow prosecution services for Orem's small neighboring town.

The council will also discuss appropriate zoning for the area around 800 N. State St. The meetings are in the City Council chambers at the Orem City Center, 56 N. State.