About half of the $31,000 worth of property stolen in a rash of burglaries has been returned to legal owners. The stolen goods were so numerous that law enforcement officers laid the merchandise out for display, identification and recovery in the exhibition building at the Millard County Fairgrounds.

At least 22 separate burglaries occurred, according to the Millard County Sheriff's office. Some items are still missing. Among items confiscated were clothing, guns, radios, tires, tools, furniture and toys.Five men were arrested and charged with the crimes as the result of investigations and one capture following a six-mile chase that involved a horse. The suspect was found hiding in a water trough.

The defendants are three Delta men, Brad A. Christensen, 23, Joseph K. Larsen, 18, and Randy Stewart Smith, 18; Jess Oman, 20, Hinckley, Millard County; and Anthony Pintor, 19, Las Vegas, Nev. Officers concluded that not all of the men were involved in all of the burglaries and thefts.

Multiple charges include third degree felonies of burglaries of businesses, second degree felonies of burglaries of residences and thefts ranging from second degree felonies to misdemeanors, depending on the value of the property involved.