A Smithfield man has had his prison sentence for aggravated kidnapping nearly cut in half after his trial judge reconsidered the term.

First District Judge Gordon Low reduced the original 10-year mandatory prison sentence given Mark William Tarbet, 24, to five years, plus one year for use of a firearm, to be served consecutively.Tarbet, who returned to Low's courtroom for resentencing on Monday, had been convicted of the felony last Sept. 28. He was arrested May 20 after abducting a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint while she was walking home from church.

He kept her for two hours before releasing her unharmed, police said.

The victim said Tarbet told her he was depressed over a failed romance, and at one point he held a gun to his head, threatening suicide.

Low refused to comment on his reasons for the sentence reduction, but Cache County Deputy Attorney James Jenkins said Wednesday that Low filed a memorandum with the court explaining that he had been "troubled for some time about this case."

Jenkins said he believes the judge decided to reconsider, in part, because Tarbet was relatively young and did not physically harm the victim.