Alta View Hospital-

BROWNING, David and Amanda, Salt Lake City, girl.

CARROLL, Craig and Michelle, Sandy, girl.

MAYNARD, Stanley and Stephanie, Kearns, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BERMINGHAM, Michael and Kathi, Lehi, boy.

BROWN, Robert and Beverly, Sandy, boy.

CALL, Henry and Christine, Salt Lake City, boy.

FAHRNI, Roxsan, West Jordan, boy.

JEANS, Robert and Merlene, Salt Lake City, boy.

JEPPSEN, Brian and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

LETHAM, Mark and Banya, Sandy, boy.

LEUNDBERG, Lara, Sandy, girl.

MARSE, David and Evelyn, Salt Lake City, girl.

MCDANIEL, Roland and Cindy, Salt Lake City, girl.

RALEIGH, Kenneth and Ruth, West Valley City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BLANK, Bill and Donna, boy.

CASTALDO, Anthony and PETROGEORGE, Joan, girl.

ELLINWOOD, Nelson and Virginia, boy.

ENNISS, Don and Claudia, girl.

GOODWILL, Kenton and Kim, boy.

LANG, David and Elizabeth, boy.

MINAYA, Wilfredo and Patricia, girl.

OLSON, Mark E. and Pamela N., girl.

TAYLOR, John and Kerry, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

HERRING, Charles III and Christie Marie, Bountiful, girl.

LDS Hospital-

FACKRELL, Nolan and Michelle, twin boys.

JENSEN, Mark and Cindy, twin girls.

LEN, Clifford and Nancy, girl.

BADTEN, David and Rebecca, boy.

BARKER, Down and Teriko, boy.

BARNETT, Don and Diane, boy.

BARTON, Steven and Piper, girl.

LOWE, Val and Heidi, girl.

MELDRUM, Dennis and Julie, girl.

MONTANANA, Sherman and Maria, boy.

SMITH, Rex and Diane, boy.

SNOW, Benjamin and Lorie, boy.

THOMPSON, Wesley and Michelle, boy.

THOMSON, Dale and Janelle, boy.

TOLHURST, Tim and Jamie, girl.

WALBECK, Jeff and Bonnie, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

SMOKOFF, Jeanette and THOMPSON, Mike, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

BURGESS, Brad and Linda, Salt Lake City, girl.

CRYSTAL, Todd and Stephanie, Taylorsville, boy.

HANCOCK, Jimmie and Carolyn, Salt Lake City, girl.

HOLDER, Kenneth and Gilda, Midvale, boy.

University Hospital-

HUTSON, Bill and Melinda, girl.

SESSIONS, Tracie, boy.

WILMORE, Keith and Michelle, boy.