DEAR READERS: The Pentagon has set up special 24-hour, toll-free telephone numbers to be used by relatives of people in the military seeking information about the status of family members stationed in the Persian Gulf:

ARMY: 1-800-626-1440 (immediate family members only)AIR FORCE: 1-800-253-9276

MARINES: 1-800-523-2694 (immediate family members only)

COAST GUARD: 1-800-367-8724

NAVY: 1-800-255-3808 (immediate family members only)

NAVY: 1-800-732-1206 (other relatives and friends)

Callers will be asked for the spelling of the service member's last name. They should also be able to provide as much information as possible about rank, Social Security number and military unit. The above phone numbers may often be busy, so call back until you establish contact.

DEAR ABBY: Several women in our office would like your opinion on an issue that is causing a lot of controversy in our office.

The unwed daughter of one of our co-workers is having a baby, and some of the girls think it would not be proper for her to have a baby shower. (They say that only close friends and family should be involved in a shower for a baby born out of wedlock.)

We read your column daily and value your opinion. What do you think? - CONFUSED IN THE OFFICE

DEAR CONFUSED: In many offices, co-workers are regarded as "family," and I, for one, would not judge the mother-to-be because of her marital status.

A baby born out of wedlock is as deserving of a baby shower as one born of married parents. And probably more in need of one.

DEAR ABBY: My husband of three years refuses to sleep on his left side. He believes that if he sleeps on his left side over a long period of time, it will damage his heart. So every night he hugs me for a few minutes (I sleep on my left side), then he turns his back on me in order not to damage his heart.

Abby, he is making me paranoid about this because I always sleep on my left side, which my husband insists is bad for my heart.

Is there any medical evidence to support his claim? - LEFT-SIDE SLEEPER IN TEXAS

DEAR LEFT-SIDE SLEEPER: A call to the American Heart Association confirms the following: Sleeping on one's left side does no damage to the heart.

1991 Universal Press Syndicate