The deadline for submitting scripts to the Utah Young Playwrights Competition is Feb. 15.

The Playwrights Laboratory at Sundance will offer observerships to young playwrights for the 1991 Playwrights Lab during July, based upon the quality of scripts submitted for the competition. The contest is open to Utah writers 13-18 years of age.The observership involves living and working with a group of 60 theater artists as they develop 10 plays nominated by nonprofit theaters nationwide. The selected young playwrights will meet and discuss their plays with a variety of artists from throughout the country as they observe the play development process at Sundance.

The program is sponsored in part through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Utah Arts Council and Kennecott Corp.

Entries must be postmarked no later than Feb. 15. They should be sent to: Utah Young Playwrights Competition, Playwrights Laboratory at Sundance, R.R. 3, Box 624-D, Sundance, UT 84604. Those selected will be notified by May 1.