The smash hit "Home Alone" remained comfortably in first place at the nation's box office for the 11th consecutive week as it crossed the $200 million benchmark.

"Home Alone" took in $7.3 million to give it a 73-day gross of $203.5 million. It has a solid shot at passing the industry's last mega-hit, "Batman," which took in a total of $251.2 million in 1989 to become the fifth most popular film of all time.The comedy, starring Macaulay Culkin as an 8-year-old boy accidentally left alone at home during Christmas, has gained momentum more slowly than "Batman," which hit the $200 million mark in just 38 days. "E.T. - The Extraterrestrial" got to $200 million in 66 days in 1982 on its way to becoming the all-time box-office leader.

Overall, it was a subdued week at the box office, with the Super Bowl cutting into moviegoing on Sunday.

In its first week of wide release, "The Grifters," a tale of con artists, came in at No. 6. The hard-edged story, starring Anjelica Huston, posted the best weekend ever for a Miramax film, topping the $2.6 million grossed in 1989 by "sex, lies and videotape."

Although not in the top 10, "Alice," the latest comedy from Woody Allen, moved impressively into wide release with $1.1 million at 261 screens, and the comedy "Once Around" performed well with $545,102 at just 52 screens.

The week's top 10 includes:

1. "HOME ALONE," $7.3 million ($203.5 million, 11 weeks).

2. "Awakenings," $4.9 million ($26.5 million, 6 weeks).

3. "White Fang," $4.8 million ($11.3 million, 2 weeks).

4. "Kindergarten Cop," $4.4 million ($67.5 million, 6 weeks).

5. "Dances With Wolves," $4.3 million ($92.4 million, 12 weeks).

6. "The Grifters," $3.3 million ($3.6 million, 8 weeks).

7. "Green Card," $3 million ($10.2 million, 5 weeks).

8. "Flight of the Intruder," $2.8 million ($9.5 million, 2 weeks).

9. "Lionheart," $2.5 million ($17.2 million, 3 weeks).

10. "Hamlet," $2.4 million ($7.4 million, 6 weeks).