Three prominent surgeons will conduct a course on sinus surgery Wednesday, Feb. 6, through Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Salt Lake Surgical Center.

Endoscopic sinus surgery allows faster patient recovery, shorter hospital stays and no outside incisions.Using an endoscope is similar to using a telescope as it magnifies an image, said course director Dr. Jerry W. Sonkens. The device's light beam can be angled to see areas not previously visable.

Drs. Douglas Mattox and Steven Schaeffer from Johns Hopkins University Hospital will teach the course, along with Dr. Scott Manning from the University of Texas. These three surgeons have written books on endoscopic sinus surgery, and performed over 1,000 surgeries using this technique.

The surgery helps patients suffering from more than four episodes of sinus infection a year, nasal obstruction and facial headaches related to the sinuses.

For more information about the course, call Julie A. Hopkins at 261-3141.