New bills filed:SB125 (Hillyard) - Changes membership of judicial nominating commissions.

SB126 (McAllister) - Provides for tolling of action limitation period on enforcement orders under specific circumstances.

SB127 (Hillyard) - Establishes a statewide uniform tax on certain transitory personal property.

SB128 (Finlinson) - Revises Chapter 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code to provide for new technologies and practices in payment.

SB129 (Storey) - Repeals the domestic violence no-contact requirement and provides for mandatory arrest under certain conditions.

HB252 (Reese Hunter) - Provides for the licensing of homeopathic physicians.

HB253 (Jorgesen, Pignanelli) - Allows, police officers to work for collection agencies with employer approval.

HB254 (Protzman) - Allows for the imposition of presentence investigation and probation service fees and gives the courts authority to enforce payment.

HB255 (Waddoups) - Repeals the provision for an additional public transit tax.

HB256 (Lyon) - Eliminates spousal exception for rape.

HB257 (Olsen) - Creates a trust account for abortion defense litigation.

HB258 (Alexander) - Authorizes the imposition of penalties for failure to remit transient room taxes.

HB259 (Lewis) - Allows income tax credits for investment in technologies for recycling plastics.

HB260 (Reese Hunter) - Defines a moral nuisance and allows citizens to seek court injunctions against such nuisances.

HB261 (Protzman) - Creates an advisory peer committee and revises educational requirements for occupational and professional licensing.

HCR28 (Burningham) - Urges the federal government to appropriate money for a NASA Life Support Research Center in Utah.

HCR29 (Davis) - Designates April 17 as "We need a neat environment" day.