Bulgaria will join Czecholsovakia, Poland and Hungary in leaving the Warsaw Pact, which is obsolete, Bulgarian President Zhelyu Zhelev said in an interview released Friday.

Zhelev, who granted the interview to the Czechoslovak news agency CTK in advance of his visit to Czechoslovakia Feb. 4-5, said the main task facing his country in the foreign policy area is integration into European political and economic structure and ensuring its security under the new conditions."The Warsaw Pact has outlived its time and Bulgaria will leave it together with Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary," Zhelev said.

In Prague, Foreign Minister Jiri Dienstbier warned Friday that the four nations will go ahead with the process of dissolving the Warsaw Pact's military structures if the Soviet Union refuses to call a meeting of the pact's senior body, the Political Consultative Committee, this month.

The PCC agreed last June to dissolve the pact's military network by July 1, 1991.

Zhelev said although elections in Bulgaria were won by the former Communist Party, the fundamental elements of a democratic system became a reality in the political sphere.