A center for teaching excellence, a fund for undergraduate education and a continued focus on adequate li

brary funding were the three things that the University of Utah's academic vice president called for at an annual "Teaching Rendezvous" Friday afternoon at the U.Jerilyn S. McIntyre told teachers at the meeting that the administration-faculty panel, created a year ago to coordinate undergraduate education, has established a task force to take an inventory of innovative programs and find ways to build a sense of community on the U. campus.

The purpose of task force, McIntyre said, is to "assess programs, suggest the next steps and simply celebrate undergraduate education at the U."

The proposed center for undergraduate teaching would provide training for teaching assistants, work to improve faculty and course evaluation, publish a newsletter and find ways to increase teaching resources.

McIntyre noted that the U. is seeking special legislative funding for libraries. She said the lack of library resources seriously hinders students and faculty in the education process.

October 1991 will be designated "Undergraduate Education Month," she said. She asked some questions to aid in the enrichment of the undergraduate experience. "What is the ideal undergraduate experience?" "What stands in the way of offering that kind of experience at the U.?" and "What can we do to remove those barriers?"

"The off-campus community and some of our own students, staff and faculty perhaps aren't aware of dozens of efforts undertaken in the past five years to make education more relevant, take advantage of technology and get students excited about learning," McIntyre said.