Three Socialist Workers candidates for Salt Lake mayor and City Council for the 1991 elections said Saturday they will campaign to end what they called savage bombing and other war tactics "devastating the people of Iraq."

Patricia Grogan, candidate for mayor, said she and council candidates Nancy Boyasko and Dave Salner will urge that U.S. military troops be brought home."We do so because no other issue is so urgent or so greatly affects working people, who will pay with our lives and economic devastation for an unjust war . . .," said Grogan in a prepared statement she read at a press conference at Socialist Workers campaign headquarters, 147 E. 900 South.

Grogan, 45, who works at the Phillips Refinery and who is a member of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, said she first became active in politics as a student leader of the anti-Vietnam War movement.

Boyasko, 34, a refinery worker at Kennecott Copper, is a member of United Steelworkers of America Local 4413. She has been a socialist and trade union activist for nearly 10 years.

Salner, 46, is a member of United Steelworkers of America Local 8319. He said he has been active in his union's efforts to reverse contract concessions and win better working conditions at the Magnesium Corp. of America magnesium plant.

In the prepared statement, Grogan said the Persian Gulf war is closely connected to attacks under way for more than 15 years against American workers and farmers. The war, she said, is a drive against living standards, the unions and the rights and quality of life of working people at home.

"The recession . . . has been no secret to working people who are beginning to feel and fear the (effect of) layoffs . . . The stakes in this discussion are enormous. Already a half a million lives of workers and farmers in uniform are on the line, as well as the lives of the Iraqi people. It is becoming increasingly clear that a bloody ground war is on the agenda," the statement reads.