Salt Palace officials say they don't take things lightly when a band is scheduled to play in their building.

Nor do they have a set way of handling crowds. Everything depends on the band and the type of people it typically attracts.For instance, metal detectors will be installed when the group Bell Biv DeVoe comes to town Feb. 11. The group is categorized as "urban contemporary" and appeals to minorities and fans of rap music. That means rival street gangs might attend.

Eric Yaillen, marketing director for Spectacor, the company that manages the Salt Palace, said arena officials look at trade publications and other sources to see where bands have been recently.

"We can call these facilities and say, `How did it go? Did you have any problems?' " he said. The preparation begins about a month before the show.

For instance, Spectacor, Salt Palace security and Salt Lake police officials have been meeting for several weeks to discuss how to handle the Bel Biv DeVoe show.

"This industry isn't that big," Yaillen said, noting that arena managers share information constantly.