Salt Lake County commissioners have agreed to pay $63,000 to the private company managing the Salt Palace for expenses they earlier had questioned.

The expenses included more than $20,000 in air fare and $17,000 in hotel bills that Spectacor Management Group accumulated while moving its employees to Salt Lake City.Commissioners earlier had questioned whether the reimbursements were appropriate. They met with Spectacor officials to learn details behind the bills. The commission denied $3,289 in requested payments for bills submitted without a receipt.

They also withheld a decision on $4,850 in legal bills submitted by Spectacor. Commissioner Randy Horiuchi raised questions about the involvement of attorney Scott Brown, 1990 campaign manager and one-time aide to former Commissioner Bart Barker.

Horiuchi said the commission should examine whether some of the consultation time billed to the county by Brown "was county business or political business."