Sports are Joey's primary interests. At 11, he loves bowling, basketball and baseball. Like most kids, pizza and Legos are among his favorite toys.

On the surface, Joey is an appealing and friendly child. He seems to try to please, at least for a while, and although he says the best part of school is recess, he does average work there. He has a hard time getting along with other children and often puts himself in a victim role, which usually results in other kids picking on him.He was born in April 1979 to a birth family that was unable to provide adequate love and care for him. He suffered severe abuse, and there seems to have been a very poor bond with his mother. As a result, Joey has some severe and very difficult behavior problems and has not yet lived successfully in a family setting. Lying, stealing, bedwetting, setting fires and occasional cruelty to animals are some of the behaviors that interfere with his success with others. They are also typical of children who have been severely abused.

Joey is in therapy to help him learn to handle his feelings and behaviors. He has trouble talking about his feelings, but he is beginning to verbalize, rather than act out his negative feelings.

He says he wants an adoptive family, although he probably doesn't have a very realistic idea of what that means. He will need a very special family that has experience with children with significant emotional and attachment problems. Previous foster families have said that Joey acts like a visitor. An adoptive family may have to wait months or even years for Joey to attach in a real and healthy way. Specialized therapy will continue. A family with other children, older than Joey, would probably be best, giving him some space and a variety of people to interact with and giving the parents other sources of satisfaction and success. However, consistency and stability of a loving home could make a difference in his life. An adoption subsidy may be available.