A mugger in Boston wanted his victim to know he was grateful for the money he stole, so he sent a thank-you note.

Peter Pancare's wallet was stolen about two weeks ago as he walked a friend to a subway stop in Boston. He got the wallet back in the mail on Friday - along with the note."I want to thank you for the $13 you had in it," the anonymous letter said. "I needed to get home, and I know if I had asked you to help me you would have said no, so I thank you."

Pancare's license was inside the wallet, but a credit card and other belongings were missing.

Pancare, 24, said he was mugged on Jan. 20 near the State House on Beacon Hill. When he realized the man was unarmed, Pancare said, he pursued him but could not catch him.

He said he will not follow up on the case because the note made him think about how badly the man might have needed the money.