An Army Reserve doctor who deserted her unit in protest of the Persian Gulf war surrendered Saturday after a rally and was whisked away to a military fort.

Capt. Yolanda Huet-Vaughn deserted from Fort Leonard Wood after her unit was called to active duty Dec. 20. She was taken back there following her surrender to face possible court-martial."I don't feel frightened" by the possibility of jail, Huet-Vaughn said as she was driven by supporters, who included actress Margo Kidder, to the federal courthouse in Kansas City, Kan. "I am frightened that this war will go on."

Before surrendering, Huet-Vaughn spoke at a rally at a Kansas City, Mo., church attended by 250 people - both supporters and opponents of her actions.

Huet-Vaughn, who lives in Kansas City, Kan., was escorted to a car amid tight security for the short drive across the state line to Kansas City, Kan.

Huet-Vaughn rejoined the reserves six days before Iraq invaded Kuwait in order to fulfill her obligation to the service, which helped pay for medical school.

The 39-year-old mother of three said Friday that she was prepared to face court-martial rather than take part in a war she said will cause massive casualties that the U.S.-led forces are not prepared to treat.

"I can't serve in this war because that would be tacitly to support an immoral gamble with human lives," she said.

The military will determine charges and whether to conduct a court-martial.