If you're a resident of Provo, Springville, Mapleton, Spanish Fork or Salem, don't bother taking trash to the dump Monday. It will be closed, and not just Monday - but forever.

The only place that will accept the waste is the new transfer station for the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District, which officially opens for business Monday. The transfer station, west of I-15 near the south Springville exit on U-77, will compact the waste for transfer by trucks to the Bayview Landfill near Elberta.The opening of the transfer station is the culmination of more than three years of effort by the five cities to have a waste system that operates according to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. So far, more than $8 million has been spent on construction of the landfill and the transfer station.

"Our facilities will do an excellent job in disposing of trash and meeting all new federal regulations," said Rex Woodhouse, district president.

To use the transfer station, residents must show a driver's license and a utility bill. Those who do not have both forms of identification will be turned away.

"That's our only way of knowing which community the garbage is coming from," said Dale Stephenson, district manager.

The district board set fees for dropping off waste at $3 for a covered pickup or single-axle trailer and $6 for uncovered loads. The added fee for uncovered loads is intended to encourage residents to comply with Springville's ordinance prohibiting vehicles with uncovered loads from traveling on city streets. Also, Stephenson said, the district will have to hire someone to clean up debris on the roads leading to the station.

"If they spill along the road, then I have to send a man out and clean it up," Stephenson said. "The ones making the mess are the ones who will end up paying for it."

In the past, some cities have issued free passes to its residents for garbage disposal. That likely will cease because any city that issues a free pass will have to reimburse the district for each load dropped off by its residents.

Stephenson said residents from non-member cities will be allowed to use the transfer station for about six months but at a higher fee. After six months the station will be available only to residents of member cities.

Commercial haulers operating in the member cities are required to drop off waste at the station. Fees for commercial haulers have not yet been determined.

The transfer station will be open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. through March 15. From March 15 to Nov. 1, the station will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. District officials say they plan to keep residents well-informed on any changes in district policies or operations at the transfer station.

"We will continue to provide information and news releases to the citizens in all district communities to inform them of the procedures and policies relating to the transfer station and landfill," Woodhouse said.

With the new system operating, the Springville/Spanish Fork Landfill and the Eastbay Landfill will be closed. To abide by EPA guidelines, both landfills will be covered with about 2 feet of soil at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars.