As of Jan. 31, the Ogden Air Logistics Center had processed 9,194 tons of cargo and 281 outbound cargo aircraft in support of Operation Desert Storm. The Family Support Center at Hill Air Force Base had fielded 2,532 telephone calls and had seen 334 visitors. Staff members from the office had attended 186 support meetings and 1,110 briefings.

The staff judge advocate's office, which handles legal matters for military personnel, had seen 2,946 people, written 1,237 wills and had prepared 6,234 power of attorney documents.The Deseret News receives regular updates about Utahns in the Persian Gulf through telephone calls from the soldiers themselves or from family members. To submit material to this column or to find out how to direct Utah troop updates to the paper, contact Deseret News military reporter Steve Fidel at 237-2100. Desert notebook