Brand L. Niemann, a special assistant in the Environmental Protection Agency, will speak at Brigham Young University Thursday, Feb. 7.

He will participate in the Executive Lecture Series at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in Room 710, Tanner Building. His address, sponsored by the Marriott School of Management, is titled "The Environment and Pollution Prevention: Front and Center in Business Decision Making."Niemann is an alumnus of the University of Utah. He received his doctorate in meteorology with a minor in air pollution science. His work experience spans private industry, universities and the federal government.

Niemann has pioneered the use of microcomputers to support decisions on pending acid-rain legislation and negotiations of the international transboundary air pollution treaty with Canada.

For this work, Niemann has been nominated as a finalist in the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards for Innovative Application of Information Technology in the past two years. He is also the recent winner of the LOTUS Most Innovative Applications Contest in the corporate category.