Jordan School District received a huge check Tuesday evening about two by three feet, in fact and for the hefty sum of $287,413.25.

Unfortunately, the "check" was only symbolic, representing the time donations of school volunteers in the district, figured at $3.35 per hour.The 85,795 hours of volunteer time for the 1986-87 school year are a gift of considerable worth to the district, said Jordan Board President Maurine Jensen.

Four individuals involved in the effort to promote more voluntarism in the school were honored by the district. They included Beverly Lloyd, past coordinator of volunteer training programs; Peggy Frisby, state specialist on voluntarism; Bonnie Gandleman, coordinator of volunteers at Albion Middle School; and Melba Carter, coordinator at Joel P. Jensen Elementary School.

Volunteers serve in many capacities, including classroom assistance, typing, materials preparation and sharing of personal or professional expertise.