A five-membercommittee has been appointed to determine how Davis County constable services will be provided in the future. Under action last year by the state Legislature, constables are appointed instead of elected.

The terms of incumbent constables ended under the new law on Dec. 31, also effectively ending their police and law enforcement powers.Davis County had three elected constables, and the commission is charged with determining whether new constables will be appointed or the duties turned over to the sheriff's department.

Commission chairman Gayle Stevenson said until the commission decides how the service will be performed that Sheriff Glen Clary is the county's acting constable.

The five members appointed to the study committee include Clary, county attorney Mel Wilson, commissioner J. Dell Holbrook, circuit court judge Alfred VanWagenen, and Betty Brand of Fruit Heights.

The Sheriff's Department, suffering from a cut of more than $350,000 in its operations budget for 1991, is looking at taking over the duties of the constable, which range from serving legal papers to evictions and property seizures.

Estimates of revenue the office could generate to the department range from $125,000 to $150,000, but additional staff members would have to be added or transferred to handle the work.