Once upon a time, Tylene Montgomery was a little girl who watched "The Price Is Right," dreamily imagining herself standing on the same soil as Bob Barker.

Alas, her dream has come true. (You might have seen her on TV this week as she won nearly $16,000 worth of merchandise on the popular TV game show.)While on holiday in Tinseltown last December, Tylene and her husband, Randall, stood in line outside CBS Studios for several hours before being granted an audience with King Bob.

And then, Tylene heard that magical command: "Tylene Montgomery, come on down!"

"I was the very first one called," Tylene told the Deseret News. "And I won the first item, a side-by-side refrigerator freezer."

But into every fairy tale some rain must fall. In the next round, Tylene royally blew a chance to win a sailboat that would have surely made her ruler of the high seas, or at least the Great Salt Lake.

"Take courage, Woman, and spin that giant board," said a voice within. (Could it have been Merlin?)

So she spun that wheel with the might of 10 Tylenes, winning a spot in the "Showcase" competition.

'Twas there that Tylene reaped the spoils of game-show victory, including a grandfather clock, a dining-room table and a six-wheel amphibious recreation vehicle.

"I've never won anything before, except $50 once in a slot machine in Las Vegas," a triumphant Tylene said.

"It was a pretty good vacation. It's something I always wanted to do as a kid. It was a lot of fun . . . I even got an autographed picture of Bob Barker."

And Tylene, who patrols her Bountiful fiefdom in her six-wheeled chariot, is living happily ever after.

The end.