New bills filed in the Legislature:

SB119 (Leavitt) - Requires notification of the Bureau of Criminal Identification if a case is not prosecuted or if an investigation is declined.

SB120 (Beattie) - Designates the interest earned on the fund for the payment of claims.

SB121 (Shepherd) - Relates to the fitness of a premises and clarifies an owner's duty to notify a tenant prior to entry.

SB122 (Craig Peterson) - Adds protections to employees using lawful products.

SB123 (Finlinson) - Removes requirement that a collateral source give notice to a subrogation right 30 days before trial or settlement.

SJR11 (Glade Nielsen) - Fixes compensation for legislative in-session employees and provide retrospective operation.

HB241 (Lewis) - Amends the duties of the attorney general, the office of Legislative Research and General Counsel and the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst.

HB242 (Haze Hunter) - Requires a permit to conduct a liquidation or going-out-of-business sale.

HB243 (Lyon) - Provides for compensation to the state for commercial uses of resources on sovereign lands and waters.

HB244 (Voigt) - Amends the law for the sale and disposition of unclaimed property.

HB245 (Harward) - Combines the Division of Administrative Rules with the Office of Planning and Budget.

HB246 (Stephens) - Grants right of access to public records and designates which records are confidential.

HB247 (Tanner) - Amends provisions concerning controlled burns to allow certain firefighter training.

HJR20 (Pignanelli) - Recommends the Legislature study the feasibility of televising the Utah Legislature.

HCR22 (Pignanelli) - Memorializes former Gov. Scott M. Matheson.

HCR26 (Pignanelli) - Memorializes former Gov. Herbert Maw.

HCR27 (Tuttle) - Urges Utah judges to include alcohol treatment as a condition of probation and a mandatory part of sentencing in alcohol-related cases.

HR3 (Garn) - Proposes the Tax Review Commission study sales tax exemptions.

HR4 (Yardley, Tuttle) - Expresses concern over the delaying tactics being used in the federal administrative review process which are impacting basic industries and the well-being of Utah residents.