Homeowners, designers and decorators are learning that the doors of a home are an integral part of the total decorating scheme. Today, doors are much more than just functional.

They enhance the appearance and style of a home and help increase the home's value. Through every room in the home, doors are highly visible and a reflection of the owner's taste.They create an impression. They can add to the look of a room or, for that matter, the entire house. This suggests that wise homeowners may want to choose a doorway with the same care and thought that goes into the purchase of a piece of fine furniture.

Keep in mind that you do not replace doors very often. So you will want to make the right choice when you do.

The average home has upwards of 20 interior doors. Obviously, they deserve attention and planning in their selection. They have an impact on the decor of every room, and area of the house.

A popular choice for new interior doors are Masonite brand molded doors. They offer the beauty, warmth and versatility of wood at one-third the cost.The two-panel Colonistt and four-panel Coventryt are field paintable and stainable.

The total look of the home can be enhanced by choosing interior doors that match and complement the decorating scheme. When remodeling the interior of your home remember to include interior doors in your decorating scheme.