Former New York Mayor Ed Koch says he is leaving his job as a television commentator because the station was unhappy with him for, well, being Ed Koch.

Koch, who left office a year ago, is losing his spot as a regular on WCBS-TV's weekly "Sunday Edition" news show."They, in effect, said I was too controversial, and asked me to change my personality," Koch said recently. "After 66 years, I can't do that. But I'm not unhappy."

WCBS general manager Roger Coloff put it this way: "We've decided to part ways because of different approaches to the broadcast."

He dismissed suggestions that Koch's departure had anything to do with an on-air remark two weeks ago about Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y. Koch criticied Rangel for campaigning on behalf of Rep. Gus Savage of Illinois, who Koch called anti-Semitic.

Rangel later complained that Koch had insinuated that he was anti-Semitic, which Koch denies. Rangel said he wrote a letter to WCBS-TV, asking that they evaluate Koch's comments.