The Dollar Shop, a barber shop at 1150 E. 500 South, boast a prize possession: on its walls, among the recruiting posters, is a framed Deseret News photograph of a long line of Marines sitting on the curb outside.

They were reservists about to leave on a summer training excursion a few years ago. They decided to get their trims at what is probably Utah's best-known barber shop specializing in military haircuts, the Dollar Shop.Those days seem far in the past now. Because so many utahns have been sent to the Persian Gulf war, business has dropped dramatically.

"We've lost over 200 customers from it," said barber Pat Garrett. She quickly insists that any of the other barbers can say the same thing.

"We're not far from Fort Douglas, and we're not far from the National Guard armory. Let's face it, we give good military haircuts," she said.

In addition to its proximity to those headquaters, the shop is popular with soldiers who sometimes travel quite a distance for its service, she said.

"This has been a real killer for us. We've noticed a real decline in our business. It's hurt us, definitely."

The shop's military customers, both in the Middle East still here, are supportive of the war.

"Those who are with the National Guard and have taken the benefits, the schooling and what have you that's offered to them - I haven't heard one complain," Garrett said. Not one has asked, "Why me.?"

"They're willing to go. They signed their names and they're willing to go."

What's her personal feeling about the war? "I have a sister who's over there," Garrett said. "I'm in full support."