Utah Valley Community College, now a two-year school, would become a full-fledged four-year college if Sen. Chuck Peterson has his way.

Wednesday, Peterson introduced a bill that would require the college to prepare a 1993-94 budget detailing the costs of going from a two-year to four-year college."I know we don't have the money to do this now," said Peterson, R-Provo. "This is partly a publicity thing to show the need."

Peterson says that from the Idaho state line to Salt Lake County's southern border, any college-bound student can live at home and attend a state-owned four-year college or university. "But you hit the Utah County line and our kids have to go to a two-year school or live away from home. And many can't afford to live away from home and pay for school as well."

Brigham Young University, the private four-year university operated by the LDS Church, used to adequately serve Utah County residents. But there are 4,400 high school seniors in Utah County this year, 3,200 of whom say they want to attend college. "Only 300 Utah County seniors were admitted to BYU last year, that's out of 27,000 BYU students. Clearly, that fine university can't accommodate all the Utah County students who want to attend a four-year school."