Violent crime increased in Salt Lake City during 1990, but property crimes actually decreased, police reported.

According to preliminary year-end crime statistics released by the Salt Lake Police Department, more crimes such as homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and arson were reported in 1990 than in 1989."The increase seems to be consistent with other major cities nationwide," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Marty Vuyk.

Twenty-five homicides occurred in Salt Lake City during 1990 - the most homicides to occur in any year in the city's history. Before 1990, the most homicides reported during any one year was 22. Eighteen homicides were reported in 1989.

Rape increased by nearly 23 percent during 1990. In Salt Lake City, 167 rapes were reported compared to 136 in 1989. Robbery increased 11.4 percent and aggravated assaults increased 11.6 percent.

But the statistics show that the number of burglaries, larcenies and auto thefts decreased during 1990.

Ten percent fewer larcenies - 13,949 compared to 15,510 - were investigated in 1990. Burglaries decreased by more than 9 percent and auto thefts decreased by nearly 2 percent, according to the statistics.

Overall, Salt Lake police officers handled 134,247 cases during 1990 compared to 133,965 in 1989.