This city may get its third traffic light if a study of the intersection of 27th West and 104th South justifies it.

The signal light will cost the city $50,000, however, said City Administrator Richard N. Warne.The Utah Department of Transportation is conducting the survey and should have a decision on the request within 60 days. City officials feel added traffic generated from new subdivisions in the area and the anticipated opening of a new school justify the signal and the added expense.

Councilman Ted Sandstrom, who also serves as the city's fire chief, urged the council to consider extra funding for the signal, if approved, that will allow it to be wired for an interrupter device. This device allows emergency vehicles such as police and fire units to interrupt the normal signal to give the emergency vehicles a green light. He said this substantially reduces the chances of accidents involving the emergency vehicles.

The interrupter device would add about $10,000 to the cost of the signal. Sandstrom said that while the city may not be able to afford the actual device at this time, he said providing the necessary wiring to allow future installation would not add a substantial cost to the signal.