A Davis School District committee that met behind closed doors this week will need more time before recommending whether a controversial novel should be banned from Viewmont High School's curriculum.

The language arts advisory committee, composed of five parents and six teachers, held a closed-door meeting Tuesday evening in which they were presented with both sides of the debate surrounding "Grendel," a 1971 novel by the late John Gardner.Assistant Superintendent Nancy Fleming said the committee is expected to issue a recommendation within 10 days. The recommendation will be forwarded to Superintendent Rich Kendell, who will make the final decision.

Viewmont High English teachers have taught "Grendel" for about four years without complaint until December, when a Bountiful woman began circulating fliers containing what she called "crude" passages that dealt with violence, sexual violence, bodily functions and profanity.

Since then, the school district has received more than four-dozen requests asking that the book be banned.

Teachers say the anti-book protesters have taken the shocking quotes out of context and have missed the true "uplifting" messages within the book, which, based on the medieval epic poem "Beowulf," tells the story through the eyes of the monster, Grendel.