U.S. forces, sensing their relentless bombing campaign is seriously damaging Iraqi resolve, are dropping millions of leaflets urging enemy troops to surrender - and telling them how.

Front-line U.S. forces are being taught to recognize and accept Iraqis who want to give up, and coached on basic Arabic phrases that would be involved in a surrender.The allied forces also have begun broadcasting over a radio station called "The Voice of the Gulf" urging "heroic Iraqi soldiers" to surrender and join the coalition forces.

"The idea," one U.S. officer said after a briefing Tuesday for his troops, "is to make sure that someone doesn't screw the whole thing up by shooting the first two Iraqis who come across."

There was a report that one U.S. unit did just that, firing at a small group of Iraqis who crossed the Saudi-Kuwait border in an apparent bid to give up.

U.S. military officials have given no exact figures on how many Iraqis have surrendered or tried to surrender although they said there already have been several incidents in which Iraqi soldiers carrying the leaflets followed the instructions precisely.

U.S. forces already have dropped by air about 4 million of the one-page leaflets, which are printed in Arabic and contain surrender instructions.