State Court Administrator William Vickrey has announced the reassignments of two 5th judicial district officials.

Sheila Rose, court executive for the 5th District and 5th Circuit courts, has accepted a position as a probation officer with the 5th District Juvenile Court in St. George, said Rosemary Gacnik, spokeswoman for the Court Administrator's Office.James Nelson, court executive for the 5th District Juvenile Court, will expand his administrative responsibilities to include the district and circuit courts, said Gacnik.

Nelson will begin his new duties immediately, while Rose assists in the transition period during the next two months, she said.

"These two changes in assignments will enhance the challenges and opportunities for Jim and Sheila, as well as provide consolidation and centralization of responsibilities," Vickrey said.

Rose has been a court executive with the state since September 1984, said Gacnik.

Nelson worked as a juvenile court probation officer in Cedar City and St. George, then as a supervisory probation officer in Washington, Iron and Beaver counties. He became the court executive of the 5th District Juvenile Court in March 1984.