The definition of humanity transcends the bounds of culture and gender, according to participants in Orem's Human Awareness Fair.

In Utah there are so many different kinds and types of people to learn about, said Janet Llewellyn, chairwoman of Orem's Human Relations Advisory Commission and director of the fair."We are all very much alike inside," Llewellyn said. "And there are many different peoples we don't know anything about."

Last week's fair was a combination of speeches, performances and displays in the University Mall, and participation was not limited.

"Anyone who wanted to be included, could be included," Llewellyn said.

There were displays by the March of Dimes, The Center for Women and Children in Crisis, the Utah Kidney Foundation, the Provo Early Education Program and a group to combat illiteracy in Utah County.

Laura Kackstaetter, a volunteer for the New Outlook Program, said her organization's goal is to help people who are homebound, whether because of old age or medical reasons, and give them something to do with their lives.

"This is a part of human awareness because we want to find a particular need in the community and meet it," Kackstaetter said.

So many times, people don't even know that the need is there, she said. "We believe you should brighten the corner you are in."

Mike Greco, a volunteer with The Gathering Place, a drug prevention and treatment center, said he believes an awareness of health and health problems in the community is essential to human awareness.

According to Llewellyn, response to the fair has been good, and the commission hopes to make it an annual event.

"Even though the commission is rather new and this is the first year of the Human Awareness Fair, things seem to be going really well, " she said.

As a part of the fair, actors dressed as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton participated to debate the Bill of Rights and the human issues associated with them.

Also, Chin Hai, a Chinese student who was in Tiananmen Square during the summer of 1989 Chinese government crackdown against a democratic-oriented rebellion, spoke to a small group to begin the week's events.