Reports that traces of petroleum have been found in the mineral pools at Lava Hot Springs apparently are having little effect on the number of soakers at the resort this summer.

Bob Meline, executive director of the Lava Hot Springs Foundation, said only a few patrons are declining to use the pools until the problem is solved."We are getting very few complaints," he said.

State officials in June detected small amounts of petroleum in the pools but said such low levels do not pose a health risk.

Walt Poole, a water-quality specialist for the state Division of Environmental Quality, said the latest test results indicate a 50-percent decline in the amount of petroleum in the pools.

"It could be a drop or increase in the groundwater. It could be a flushing of the system. There's really no way to tell until we do some further testing," he said.

Poole said he expects a report from a Boise contractor later this week pinpointing the source of the contaminant.