Computer-assisted health care aboard NASA's planned space station is the focus of a report to be given by two NASA researchers and an LDS Hospital biophysics/computer specialist.

The local hospital was selected as a contractor because of its leadership in computer-assisted medical decision-making.The study, titled "A Medical Decision Support System for the Space Station Health Maintenance Facility," was conducted by Reed M. Gardner, co-director of the hospital's Biophysics Department, and David C. Ostler and Dr. James S. Logan of NASA.

Together with 10 other hospital research papers, the space station study has been selected for presentation at the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care. The symposium presents outstanding research involving the use of computers in medicine.

The 11 LDS Hospital papers accepted for presentation represent hospital-based research spanning a various computer-related health-care topics. More than 15 LDS Hospital physicians, nurses, and researchers participated in the various studies. In addition to the presentation of the space-station work, Gardner will be chairman of a session on bedside and ICU computer systems.