Republican House members want a pay raise, but they don't want it until after the 1991 elections, according to a straw poll conducted Tuesday during a House Caucus.

Sen. Rex Black, D-Salt Lake, has proposed that each legislators' pay be increased from $65 to $100 a day. However, Republican representatives voted in a straw poll they would rather accept the raise after the 1991 general election rather than this July, the beginning of the state's new fiscal year.But some legislators said they believe lawmakers should receive the same percentage raise handed state employees.

"If you tie it to what you give state legislators, you give great leverage to pass those (increases)," said David Ostler, R-Salt Lake, in opposition to Legislators have not had a raise since 1983 when the daily compensation was increased from $25 to $65.

- Brigham Young may have found a home at the Utah State Capitol.

The Utah House of Representatives approved Tuesday a resolution that would urge the creation of a statue to honor Young to be housed at the Capitol.

The resolution, approved 66-0 by the House, recommends that Gov. Norm Bangerter appoint a committee to raise private funds for the statue.

Quipped sponsor Rep. Donald LeBaron, R-Highland, "Brigham wherever you are, I'll tell the people thanks for a positive vote."

The bill was moved to the Senate for further consideration.