Joe Leufiso, Lay-ton: "I thought it was good. I thought he got to what he wanted to tell the nation about why we're having a war in the Middle East. I thought the reasons he brought up were justified. We can't let somebody like Saddam do whatever he wants done in the Middle East, control all that - it's vital to our economy."

Eric Haleen, South Salt Lake: "I think it was great. That standing ovation he got - everyone supports him, I guess." However, Haleen had one criticism of the speech: "It was too long."Walker Phelps, West Valley City: "I think Congress should be behind him, and I am too. We're in a declared war - let's keep it that way until we win . . . I don't want another Vietnam."

Theresa Harrison, Salt Lake City: "I thought he did a pretty good job in discussing the issues within the United States, but I guess he said what I expected him to say about the war . . . I wished that he had added a little bit more about that (the war) and the issues about the Soviet Union and Lithuania."

Pat Butler, West Jordan: "I thought it was good. I think he's handled things in the Persian Gulf well . . . I guess I was concerned about the health care. I don't think he covered national health insurance and the problems with that enough."

Kay Kenner, Salt Lake City: "I liked it. I thought it was very patriotic. I especially liked what he said about the middle class, which is us. He said that the middle class bears the brunt of having our boys in the war." She agreed with that statement, and also with Bush when he said the middle class carries most of the tax burden.