A veteran county firefighter was injured Tuesday night while combating a stubborn attic fire in a Holladay home.

Capt. Rex Sylvester was searching for the source of the fire at 2285 Walker Lane when he burned his hand, said county fire spokesman Lt. Dennis Steadman.Sylvester, who has been with county fire for 24 years, was treated and released at Cottonwood Hospital for second-degree burns, Steadman said.

There were no other injuries.

Sixteen firefighters searched nearly two hours to find the fire, which was originally called in at about 7:45 p.m. on a non-emergency line.

The caller reported the smell of smoke. But when firefighters arrived, they had an unusually tough time finding where the smell was coming from.

"The fire was difficult to locate due to many past remodels" of the house, Steadman said.

Faulty wiring apparently caused the attic insulation to smolder, sending a smoky smell through the house.

"The family was extremely lucky they smelled the fire when they did, or we would have had a full-blown house fire out there," Steadman said.