The courts and office portions of Davis County's new $20 million justice complex in west Farmington are scheduled to open March 1, the county commissioners announced this week.

The 400-bed jail portion of the complex is still under construction, and additional corrections staff members have to be hired before it is ready for occupancy.The commission approved several change orders in the project at its Monday meeting, then announced the March 1 occupancy date.

The sheriff's department administrative offices, in addition to the county attorney and court clerk staff, will move into the complex on that date. The two district courts and domestic relations court will also move then.

Commission Chairman Gayle Stevenson said he hopes that by announcing the opening date for next month, it will help to bolster the efforts to get the building ready.

Of the change orders, the largest brought the county a potential savings of $73,000 by using its tax-exempt status to purchase building materials. The net effect of the four change orders approved is a savings to the county of $4,300, according to project manager Joe Rhoads.

Construction on the complex started last summer, and initial projections for occupancy were October or November. As delays occurred, the opening date projections were pushed back to December and then the early part of this year.

Rhoads told the commissioners that overall, the project has moved along well and the delays encountered are not unusual for a project of its size and complexity.

No formal dedication or opening ceremony has been announced yet for the complex.