The chief executive officers of some of the world's largest industrial-based corporations are attending the eighth annual Huntsman Chemical Corp. Customer Seminar this week in Park City.

Jon Huntsman, Huntsman Chemical Corp. CEO and chairman, said the purpose of the seminar is two-fold:"We want to extend our appreciation to our customers for their ongoing business relationships as well as introduce them to the beauty and economic vitality of the state of Utah.

"We hope that, in the week they are here as our guests, they will be able to see what the state has to offer. In the past, many have expressed an interest in locating potential Western sites in Utah."

Attending the seminar are the chief executive officers, chairmen and corporate leaders of major industrial-based corporations including General Electric, Polaroid, Mitsubishi, Giullett, BIC Corp., Ashland Oil, Fisher Price Toys, American Cynamid Co., Toshiba America and Shell Oil.

The conference has attracted more than 450 people representing more than 100 companies from throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Guest speakers for the seminar include Gov. Norm Bangerter, Sen. Jake Garn, 1990 Heisman Trophy recipient Ty Detmer, Pat Baggett, president of Chemical Market Associates and Edwin Garrison, president and CEO of Thiokol Corp.

A Huntsman spokesman said the seminar will infuse more than $1 million into Park City's economy.