The Utah School Boards Association recently named Gerald Elison as the Outstanding Teacher for the state's urban high schools.

Elison is a drama teacher at Orem High School and has taught there since 1982. He has been teaching for 37 years and prior to coming to Orem High School he taught drama at the elementary and junior high levels. In 1985 he was named as Alpine School District's Teacher of the Year.The award is given to teachers who profoundly influence the lives of students. "From resource and at-risk students to gifted and talented students, from members of the faculty and staff to parents and professionals, Jerry can involve people and give them a feeling of self-worth and importance," said John Childs, Orem High School principal.

Elison is also heavily involved in community and civic productions and has been the director and associate director of the Sundance Summer Theater for the past 15 years.