A number of Elderhostel programs will be offered winter quarter through Southern Utah University's department of conferences and institutions, and Utah residents are eligible for scholarships to attend them.

According to Jane Nelson, Elderhostel director, four of the scholarships, called "hostelships," are available for each of the six-day pro-grams. To be eligible for a hostelship, a person must be a Utah resident and age 60 or older. In the case of a couple, one person must be 60 or older.The cost of a six-day Elderhostel program is usually between $290 and $315, which covers lodging, meals, courses and social activities. However, with a hostelship, a person only needs to pay a $50 deposit plus travel expenses, Nelson said.

Elderhostel is a program of seniors offered throughout the United States and Europe. International Elderhostel headquarters is in Boston, Mass., which acts as a central reservation point. Due to its rich scenic, historical and cultural surroundings and campus facilities, SUU is one of 36 U.S. locations designated as "super sites," by Elderhostel.

According to Nelson, Elderhostel offers the opportunity to experience "the pure joy of learning, with no homework, tests or grades - only great company."

Information about hostelships and specific Elderhostel offerings can be obtained on campus in the Braithwaite Liberal Arts Center, Room 203, or by calling 586-1949 or 586-7853.