Massachusetts legislators know they're not dead yet - even if the state treasurer's office says otherwise.

State W-2 tax forms mailed recently listed all 199 members of last year's Legislature as deceased.Those who were re-elected, as well as those who lost and those who didn't seek re-election, found an "X" marked under the form's deceased column.

Some quipped that perhaps state officials were trying to tell them something about the state of their political fortunes after a year that saw painful debates over tax increases and budget cuts.

"Boy, when you're out you're out," said Marjorie Clapprood, a former state representative who lost her bid for lieutenant governor last year.

Frank Ciota, a spokesman for the state treasurer's office, said Tuesday that a typographical error was to blame.

"If you look at the form, the next category over is pension plan. That's where the X is supposed to be," Ciota said.

Corrected forms are to be mailed shortly.

Internal Revenue Service spokesman Bob Ruttenberg advised legislators to be sure not to file the wrong form, or the federal agency would consider them dead and such benefits as Social Security would be halted.